Dr. Keyne Monro

Lab Leader

Keyne is an ARC Future Fellow in the School of Biological Sciences at Monash University. She is interested in selection and evolution in changing environments.

Dr. Akane Uesugi

ARC DECRA Postdoctoral Fellow

Akane studies the ecology and evolution of invasive plants.  She uses evolutionary ecology, chemical ecology, and quantitative genetic approaches to test how ecologically-relevant plant traits evolve as they invade novel ranges.

Adriana Rebolledo

PhD Student

Adriana is interested in the ecological and evolutionary processes that influence the life histories of marine invertebrates. With the current threat of global warming on marine ecosystems, her project intends to study the capacity of early life-history stages to withstand the challenge of rising sea temperatures.

Cristóbal Gallegos Sánchez

PhD Student

Cris is broadly interested in marine evolutionary ecology and how organisms manage to survive environmental change. His project intends to study the drivers of divergence and speciation in a marine invertebrate and how this process might be affected by climate change in a rapidly warming region.

Evatt Chirgwin

Research Associate 

Evatt is interested in how natural populations adapt to environmental change. His PhD investigated how marine invertebrate populations may respond to future climate change through adaptive evolution and phenotypic plasticity.

Lab Alumni

Dr Jessica Hoskins
PhD 2020
Influence of different thermal environments on population dynamics in springtails (Collembola)

Dr Evatt Chirgwin
PhD 2019
Evolutionary consequences of fertilisation and early development in warming seas

Dr Hayley Cameron
PhD 2019
The eco-evolutionary dynamics of maternal provisioning

Emily Belcher
Honours 2019
Embryogenesis in a changing environment: How does temperature alter development?

Laura Rigby
Honours 2019
Genetically-based differentiation of native and invasive populations of tall goldenrod

Lachlan King
Honours 2019
Effects of genetic drift on additive genetic variance can promote rapid adaptation to changing environments

Dr. Pieter Arnold
Research assistant 2017, now Postdoctoral Fellow in Nicotra and Kruuk labs at ANU

Camille Hammer
Research assistant 2018-2019

Dr. Arthur Riedel
PhD 2013
Community genetics in the sea: evolutionary and ecological consequences of interspecific indirect genetic effects

Dr. Karin Svanfeldt
PhD 2017
Resource acquisition and allocation in a colonial marine invertebrate